Grand Prix Aéroglisseurs Grez-Neuville 10 et 11 juin 2017

The last edition of Grez-Neuville Grand Prix 2017 was a real success. However, Grez Committee and Club Anjou Aéroglisseurs decided not to repeat a 6th edition in 2019.

We are happy and proud of the five completed events and all the developments that have been provided since the first edition.

Nevertheless, time spent in the preparation of such an event was becoming too important and all the organisers agree to say that we should not do the « too many » edition.

We would like to thank all our public partners, especially Grez-Neuville municipality, its technical and administrative staff.

We would like to thank the Cadeau family for the loan of the race site and all the land owners for the parking spaces.

During these five editions, we sought more and more sponsors. Thank you to all of them for their support in this adventure.

Of course, we don't forget our volunteers with their good mood. Without them, Grez Grand Prix would not have been such a success.

We would like to thank all the pilots who drove on the race course of Grez and who gave original and high-quality shows.

Lastly, a great thank to the numerous spectators who came in our little village that became the « European capital of hovercrafts » for a week-end of June.

A cycle is ending, links created between the members of Grez Committee and Club Anjou Aéroglisseurs will remain. Then, whenever possible, we will go on working together.

Matthieu Derouet
Grez-Neuville's Committee Chairman


Laurent Guetté
Club Anjou's Chairman




Partenaires Officiels