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Club Anjou together with the town of Grez Neuville will organise the second round of the EHC 2017 on the 10th and 11th June.
Grez Neuville is near Lion D'Angers (the home of Club Anjou). This event will take place as part of the Grez Neuville town festival with fireworks on the Saturday evening.

Insurance Information

In France, regulations impose all boats and hovercrafts drivers to subscribe an insurance policy that covers damages or injuries caused to a third party. The amount of the guarantees must be a minimum of 8 million euros.

Therefore, each driver that will not have an insurance policy with guarantees for civil liability up to 8 million euros should subscribe a specific insurance at the time of the final registration on the site. This insurance amount is 80 euros.

Saturday meals

Menu for the evening meal: Jambalaya.
Prices: for adults: 18€/meal and for children less than 12: 10€/meal.
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